Once again we bring an interesting article so that you can know what steps you must take to get your scholarship of undergraduate or postgraduate studies and why not say work in Canada after completion, your studies or better even make your life in that new country ,for now we’ll talk about scholarships to Canada, plus then we’ll be writing articles, so you know, how to get scholarships to study in the United States, the United Kingdom, and also other countries that encourage aid to students around the world.

Knowing Canada to Study scholarship

Canada is a great country to study, as it has high quality education and institutions, which are recognized, at the global level; that’s why in this article, we want to share, about the different scholarships to which you can apply to study in this country, with a great quality of life.

There are scholarships to study in Canada, either a part of your studies or all of these, that is, there are exchange scholarships and to do an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree.


The first thing you need to know, from the exchange scholarships, the exchange scholarships are sponsored by the Emerging Leaders of the Americas program: it’s a Canadian government program to promote collaboration between Canadian and Canadian institutions Latin America and the Caribbean scholarship covering up to $7200 dollares for studies, undergraduate for four months
and more than 9700 Canadian dollars.

For master’s and doctoral studies for six months, this money disburses it to the Canadian institution, with the aim of covering different expenses as they are; tickets, visas, support and travel insurance.

Start of convening for scholarship application.

This call opens every year and its application deadline is in April. To apply for this scholarship, if you are an undergraduate your university must already have an agreement with an institution in Canada so it is important that you first find out what are your university’s agreements with universities in Canada.

on the other hand, if you’re studying, a postgraduate agreement, this interinstitutional is not necessary, but if desirable, that is, in case your university doesn’t have an agreement with another university in Canada, you’re going to be able to establish it.

Finally, it is important to remember that the application, to the scholarship is done directly by the Canadian institution to the government of Canada, your duty is to send all the documentation that requires the University of Canada for them to submit to the government,but it is not necessary that you are studying in your country to win a scholarship and study in Canada there are scholarships offered by the different universities, in that country to carry out undergraduate and graduate studies.

Universities with undergraduate scholarships.

We deal first with universities that offer undergraduate scholarships, Humber College offers entrance scholarships to international students who are going to do undergraduate programs and start in January or September each year.

The University of York is also, another of the universities, offering scholarships worth over 61 thousand Canadian dollars up to more than 101 thousand British Columbia University is another of the universities, which recognizes the international students’ academic performance and actually spends more than C$10 million a year.

Universities that help student with scholarships.

To help international students pursue undergraduate studies one of these aids is tomorrow’s International Leader Award; that recognizes outstanding international students, not only for their academic performance, but also for their leadership and relationship with the community.

Finally Carleton University offers scholarships ranging from more than $4500 to more than 17000 that are given to international students, who are going to take undergraduate programs and who meet an average of more than 80%.

in terms of graduate scholarships we also have a wide range of offer of institutions first we have, the Vanier Canada scholarship program, the which was created with the aim of attracting and retaining PhD students from and establish Canada as a global research center.

These scholarships are for a doctoral degree at any of the more than 50 universities, allied to the program and the scholarship worth 50,000 Canadian dollars for three years.

A University that offers Doctoral Scholarships.

the University of Manitoba also, offers scholarships for doctoral studies worth more than $19,000 a year, and more than $15,000 for master’s degrees as well, we have Pierre Elliott Foundation scholarships for graduate students in social sciences and humanities at any Canadian university and this scholarship covers up to $60,000 for three years we also have the University of Waterloo scholarships for master’s students worth more than $2,500,000 Canadians for two years or $4,500,000 for three years, for PHD students.

To learn more, finally we also invite you to check the website of the University of Calgary that has different total and partial scholarships for different fields of study.

What does these scholarships cover?

These scholarships cover more than $1000, up to $40,000, the scholarships mentioned here, as well as the university websites, so that you can review it and make the respective applications.


Remember that to win a scholarship it is not enough to have the best profile, but also, with communicating precisely, that you deserve it, if you deserve it is that is why we have designed the complete guide of CVs and Motivation Cards Winning Scholarships, with real examples templates in English and Spanish so that you are able to submit a successful application.


This information will do you a lot of good and when you carry the papers and everything
you will be asked for medical examinations and there is also an important factor you need to know, and it is an interview with the consul.

It is also important that you are taking some French or English course because in Canada those are the official languages especially the French.


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