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In this article we will discuss the desirability of making, or not doing, an MBA. To develop in your professional career or climb the organizational pyramid.

Apparently, at present, it is a very necessary condition to have an MBA to be able to develop in the corporate career… So, we all finish the undergraduate degree, we all enter a graduate assembly line, where the final product is a certification in Business Administration.

Clearly this is absurd, unprofessional and does not enrich organizations.

Mba is born

It doesn’t enrich them in their organizational living level…
Because what organizations need are «multidisciplinary» options.

The MBA was born in the United States, for those who led business. And then, it became internationalized and became a postgraduate degree also performed by those who manage small processes in organizations. Therefore, it ceased to be a differentiating element and became a basic requirement to enter the corporate career. And this is absolutely absurd.

Babies to choose from

What a person has to do once he or she finishes a degree and has a certain work experience: is to choose a postgraduate degree according to:

(1) Your past work experience.
(2) Your present situation.
(3) Your career planning, and
(4) Your base career, or undergraduate career.

Guidance for MBA

If your base or undergraduate career is within the Sciences of Administration. You’re not going to want to do an MBA. Because throughout the undergraduate degree, you have already learned the issues related to the strategic and tactical level which is what will give you the postgraduate degree in Business Administration in particular the MBA.

Therefore, what will suit you is to do a master’s degree that will help you know the political level of the organizations. That is, how the organization relates to the state, how the organization relates to civil society or how the organization relates to the world in general.

MBA variables

So, this case is to do a master’s degree in political science, geopolitics or international relations.

If your base career is not Business Administration, then it’s best to do an MBA. To be trained for management. In this case you should consider many variables before choosing an institution.

For both cases, let’s look now, what are those, those variables that we have to consider. In principle, it’s the cost of graduate school. For careers related to the most specific disciplines of Social Sciences, it is Political Science.

graduates are often much cheaper than those professional master’s degrees such as Business Administration, Finance and Marketing.


So, for an MBA, we’re talking about an investment between $40,000 and $50,000 USA, now, mid-2018.
So it can be clearly increased.

The second point you have to take into account before choosing a postgraduate degree is accreditations and certifications.

Accreditations are an essential and basic element, because …
without accreditation, the postgraduate could not exist,Because that accreditation gives you official recognition and national validity.


So it is not a great merit nor is it a competitive advantage that an organization has managed to prove its postgraduate degree, but it is a necessity for the graduate to exist.

In the specific case of the MBA,international certifications are very important And it is very important that they have, even, more than one,because they usually get to have a certification because they know that it is necessary to have it, to sell the postgraduate, but it is very important to find an institution that has been able to expose itself for evaluations of more than one certification.

So what certifications clearly do is talk to you about quality, and the accreditations talk to you, the basic standards for «being» a graduate.


On the third point I want to talk to you, before choosing a postgraduate degree, you have to take into account,If you are listed in the world ranking OR if at least you intended to improve your international standards, to participate in this ranking.

There are universities that appear in the number 230, taking into account the year 2012.

Therefore, we can take into account that these organizations, have worked heavily on research in the training of their academic bodies, in academic production, in the library, in the possibilities of employment that they offer to their students, so it is Important.


At the fourth point to consider before doing a postgraduate degree, it is the business environment. If we talk specifically, about professional master’s degrees. For example, we have to do a master’s degree in Business Administration.

we have to take into account that the environment, offered by that university institution, can make us grow in our networking, in our possibilities of work and in our possibilities as business agents. So the business environment is very important.

Where to register?

I can give you some recommendations. If you already have your bachelor’s degree in Administration Sciences and want to do a master’s degree for example in Political Science, you have Boston University and washington University, also the University of Buenos Aires.

The University of Belgrano even has international programs with very good European universities in the case of a postgraduate degree in Geopolitics, they have the University of Maimonides and the Institute of Higher Education of the Army which also has a postgraduate degree geopolitics.

in the case of the MBA, my recommendation for those who do not have a basic training in Business Administration, is to do the MBA at the IAE which is the business school that depends on the Universidad Austral.
and that personally I think it has the best international qualifications and has achieved more than one certification, also international.

Now, you can go and sign up for your graduate degree and have a lot of success
in your career. 





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