In this article we will discuss the international buying and selling businesses used by the most specialized countries in this area, with the opinion of one of the experts, Dr. Maikel Carsonblack, one of the coordinators of international business.


There are products that have not been made necessarily in your country,you have realized that when you want to make a decision to go to eat something as a family, because they go to restaurants that also exist in another country.

Sure you’re a fan of some team, you don’t necessarily play in your country? because if you’ve answered these questions, you have a lot of knowledge of what international business is.

Definition of international business in perspective

international business is: the interaction a country has with the rest of the world, interaction where businesses and governments obviously participate,

With these three main characters that we interact in international business first we are people, because obviously we are rational beings and we can close many successful and very beneficial negotiations, secondly they are the companies; companies obviously they want to increase their profits and we also have to know the world and thirdly we have the government, because the government is governments are interested in international business because obviously they are looking for all the best for their Country.

Everyone involved in international business

all the best for their citizens therefore these three people businesses and governments are within international business within this business world.

You will hear this famous word of the exchange what is the exchange in this article, I will explain the four types of exchange that occur in international business, from the point of view goods and services for example the country that sells furniture and the country software is sold, the country of investments are also another very important type of exchange.


A country wants to decide to expand its factories and production to another country because it wants to make a profit of course this can be possible thanks to international business.


culture something as important as this, of course, because we don’t all think the same, we don’t all speak the same language and we feed in the same way, for example, in the Indian, the sacred cow and in some Latin American countries venerating the virgin will be sacred At last.

It is important to consider technology,of course you do realize that now you can buy from anywhere in the world and bring these products to the door of your house would interest you to learn, more technology and of course, thanks to it also being able to increase your Business acquiring machinery from other countries remembers that knowing about international business can take your business to a second level as can your international business career.


A study that has been offered by the University of Alaska School of Business and Public Policy. Whatever grade you are considering or currently pursuing, our 18 minor international business credit is designed to give you that additional boost of knowledge you’ll need to succeed in a
interconnected business world with numerous cultures, protocols and businesses
Practices. Let’s learn a little more about all this international business design.


Today’s companies are buying, increasingly from other countries around the world, they are also increasingly selling to other countries around the world.

What are they buying and selling?

All of them are all the things you need to run a business: Commodities, subassemblies, finishing, goods, services like marketing, legal and consulting, money and credit, capital finance such as stocks and bonds, data and information,property such as: patents, copyrights and trademarks, human resources such as managers and workers hired or brought from abroad.

Every minute of every day, these items are crossing borders and moving around the world, all to add value to companies.

Today’s employers are looking for college graduates with a strong
understanding of international markets. They need help supplying suppliers, workforce, and connecting with customers. All of which are increasingly culturally diverse, spread over longer distances, between numerous countries and continents. It’s really amazing when you think about it.

international business in Alaska

At the Faculty of Business and Public Policy, we are well aware of the
special place Anchorage, Alaska has in international business. Being in the
Great Circle Route between Asia and the 48 lowest, the vast majority of the U.S.

Trade and finished products and raw materials pass through our airport and along Alaska’s shipping lanes. Alaska, with its own rich and diverse trade in history, has a well-established multicultural consciousness, including foreign business practices, trading techniques and social customs.

The largest multinational corporations

Alaska is home to some of the world’s largest multinational corporations in a variety of business sectors. This includes energy, engineering, fishing, mining, tourism and transportation.

The international business minor will give you all the tools you need. we have
international orientation courses in various business areas. Marketing, finance, economics, logistics and transportation, and we offer a variety of allow you to tailor the smallest international business to meet your professional interests and objectives.

Inclusion of business courses

These include courses in international business subjects, geography, history, international relations, languages, media and sociology.

With these tools in hand you’ll be on your way to becoming a valuable part of any business that needs to reach across international borders.

There are career opportunities for you.

With a strong knowledge of international business practices, you will have several
career opportunities to consider, these include Importer/Exporter, Global Supply Chain Manager, Foreign Exchange Trader, Development Officer, International Account Manager, International Business Consultant, and many more.

Join us at the College of Business and Political Public at the University of Alaska Anchorage as we explore the exciting world of international business. Please visit our website for all the information you will need to get started.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our student counseling center.

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