The online MBA actually, came to revolutionize the way of studying or doing the master’s degrees, through social networks and the internet that have been one of the largest drivers of online information to reach the large mass of students , who do not have the time to invest two years attending a university that is not in their country, it is now possible to do so via web.

To achieve your specialty via the internet, you must contact online with one of the universities that provide this service via the internet, for it to work you need the combination of one of the best universities in MBA ONLINE.

Mental preparation for ONLINE MBA

you can imagine actually doing an MBA online and at the same time working because you adjust to the set schedule to be able to take your class online,you can also get experience in the work that fits the MBA. At the MBA, we learn how to catch business ideas and how to develop them, read discussions we learn from other colleagues and learn to adjust to this part again in the workplace.

Doing an MBA ONLINE is constantly a work of almost extreme studies and discipline and to complete your master’s degree you need to have completed a university career or at least a bachelor’s degree.

of course, you have to squeeze everything in your personal life, you make MBA commitments and working life.

The best universities to do an MBA online

Increased revenue chances with the online MBA

to perform an online BMA, you must know what it is for and as we define it: the master of business administration is a specialty that is also known as; mastery is to say; it is a postgraduate degree in business its contents allow students who specialize or concentrate on certain such as, for example, finance areas, marketing, logistics, sustainable businesses, human resources, health administration, etc.

While many professionals wonder whether or not it’s worth making a map, the
trend is going upwards because professionals with an MBA have jobs or better jobs, better paid.

the possibility to increase your opportunity

the possibility of obtaining a managerial position, for a professional is less than 10% but if you have a specialty in business administration or any specialty, those possibilities are close to 20% to 25% depending on the area of work this can to mean that professionals with an MBA earn on average a 50% higher salary, although there are more and better postgraduate degrees online, the best are taught in English so we made two lists.

One selection in Spanish and the other in English to make the choice easier, although, strictly it is not a ranking of the ten best postgraduate steers online, it is a selection we make of some of the best options, available based on their prestige ,price, ranking or age of MBA online.



1.Ei business school there are international rankings such as financial Times, in which it is listed as number one over other renowned universities that offers a lot of mixed face-to-face programs and online its business school, is very complete with short courses for specific areas.

2.Zentrum of Catholic university of Peru, virtual zumba is in the top 15 worldwide and among the best in Latin America it’s much cheaper than many others, more than along with its platform
top-notch online that puts it on an alternative lens to study from anywhere in the world for its price and quality we have put it at the top of the list.

3.CG 12-month Zumba executive business school with online mode has one of the
the best platforms and a very good network of contacts have offices in 11 countries and possibility of double degree, although, it is not at all economical 3000 EUR, approximately,its quality is worth it you have to read this,the international women day of the girl, 42 of the university of Barcelona, was chosen by the financial times as one of the best online MBAs in the world.

And the second best in Spanish already has 16 editions of its course that guarantee its quality its price, it is around 14,000 UER and has a duration of 14 months 5 European postgraduate institute, although it is a small school has everything you need to compete against large universities, there are various options of funding and seven specialization options of an online MBA along with 9 other masteries available to perform online.


One of the universities recognized by the MBA portal, is the IMB business school is a consolidated school with more than 180,000 students trained and more than 16 years of experience, the methodology of this master’s degree is based on the method of cases where our students, they can approach the business reality.

Likewise, our teaching staff is made up of professionally active experts in the sector, Our master’s degree: it is an eminently practical and world-oriented master’s degree of the company obviously addresses the theoretical issues that any graduate of a school business, you have to know technical concepts of financial operations marketing strategy, etc.

In addition, from a very practical perspective i.e. we will see cases, real companies and how they have developed in those companies to see situations of success and not so success because many times.

The situation has to do with what we shouldn’t do, precisely to work on that field in which we must develop in a different way.

Access that students have

Students have access to our virtual platform, where they have access
to the content of the master’s degree, as well as to our library and virtual library our approach has a cross-cutting vision, a vision, where apart from technical aspects we have aspects of management skills of all fields of marketing presentation management of conflict to speak in public, interrelationship, etc.The master’s degree is geared towards a business aspect.

It is a master’s degree very oriented to the world of the company in which we understand,
that being glued to the company we will generate an added value, but real.

At the end of the master’s degree our students will receive the double degree both by
IMB business school as well as by the university.


If you like, the adventure always working to the fullest, it’s time to pick up what was pending and live new experiences of online MBA study, It is necessary to do it with the best online company, which gives you a solid learning compatible with your professional and personal life.

To obtain this it is necessary to have the constant support of prestigious tutors and teachers that allow you to learn what corresponds to your profile and budget, wherever you are without giving up what you want most.

An online mba that goes further with three residential weeks in Barcelona or
washington and in your language, try to choose the best official ONLINE MBA in the world
in the language that best masters it.


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