Before mentioning some of the best universities in the world to study a career or a postgraduate degree we must highlight some of the most important factors to take into account, to choose a business school or do postgraduate.

Factors to consider

factors that you as a person, should consider when choosing a business school are: the prestige of the institution, the accreditations that this institution has, the network of contacts of its students and graduates, has the teacher’s flat, the infrastructure you have in the field, the variety of offers both local and international.

It is also important to mention that, the curricular meshes must be in force, they must be updated with the topics, which are now being discussed in the business world and not only the methodology in class but the methodology outside.

In MBA studies, they are studies that aim to occupy a position managerial in any matter or any domain, which management or management, take for example, we can talk about a person who wants to prepare for a marketing conference, finance, operations, IT conference or a General management specialized masteries are mainly aimed at people who have a specialty,who have built.

The best universities in the world to specialize in

University of Chicago

Chicago United States, located in one of the most important cities in the state of illinois, the university of Chicago has more than 18,000 national and foreign students from 10 countries and stands out among many institutions for its MBA and Master’s degree in business administration, among the professors, researchers and students of the university, there have been about 90 Nobel prizes and 50 macarthur fellows, also holds 492 academic faculties and can boast that the former president of the state government united barack obama, was a professor and professor at this university.

University of London, Uk

The imperial school of London United Kingdom, this is a prestigious university British specialising in science, engineering, medicine and business is regularly ranked among the top three British universities together with timbiriche,oxford and is part of several associations that brings together the most prestigious British universities, the reputation of the imperial college london, not only comes from the prestige and quality of their undergraduate and postgraduate studies

because among his alumni and teachers he has 14 Nobel prizes including the incredible,alexander fleming;discoverer of penicillin.

Federal Zurich Polytechnic School.

Swiss zurich federal polytechnic school, to say that it was Albert Einstein’s alma mater convinces you of its academic quality this amazing public university, is a pioneer in research, not only in Europe, but around the world and is known simply as the law and nothing more and no less than 21 awards
Nobel laureates have passed through their classrooms and laboratories in their more than 150 years of this university stands out for its scientific branches especially in engineering, mathematics and science refers to that every year the number of candidates to do a PhD, is around 770 of which almost half are foreigners.

University of London

College College, London UK, University College London, also known as josiel, it is a university
United Kingdom ranked in the world not but in this article, not only for its academic quality and input in the scientific world but because the graduates of the university, they find themselves the most employable students in the world, if you don’t believe it, I tell you that since the founding of the Nobel Prizes in 1901 the university has always had at least one winner in every decade and among its students is in mahatma gandhi graham bell and ken follet.

Oxford University is also prominent

The English-speaking oxford university the oldest in the world so old that it is unknown,the date of its foundation the long,history of oxford is very present today its students use the same, facilities that many illustrious characters of history , however, this historical legacy does not prevent oxford,currently being one of the institutions with the most prestige in the world, the result of this reputation the criteria of admission are very rigid and difficult to pass, but those who manage to enter are guaranteed an education, exemplary in this institution in which 48 Nobel laureates, 28 British prime ministers, more than 31 foreign representatives, 151 medallists, Olympians and even more 11 saints have studied.


California Institute of Technology, with a population of nearly 3000 students this recognized institution, specialized in studies, technological is located in the town of Pasadena in the state of California of the total students enrolled, approximately more than 8%, are foreigners from more than 32 countries and has more than 352 academic faculties, which have hosted at no less, that 34 Nobel prizes its majesty, does not only lie in its quality of study.


University of Cambridge this amazing university was founded,by oxford scholars and alongside this form, a lot of the most outstanding writers and politicians of Great Britain among the cambridge alumni, are the highlight Isaac Newton: author and propellant of the beginning of the universal gravity, highlights as Ernest Rutherford: inventor and discoverer of atomic energy, Charles Darwin: author and inventor of the theory of evolution,Alan Turing: author and forerunner of computing
and Francis Crick, James Watson researchers and DNA discoverers, plus 90 Nobel laureates and over 122 amazing Olympic medalists.

One of the most famous universities

Harvard University, this must be the most mediated and famous university in the world, we’ve all heard its harvard name: it’s the oldest higher education institution in the United States and its prestige and academic excellence are recognized at the level through its MBA and MASTER program in administration and business and to which, through their classrooms, they have past very important characters.

For the history of humanity among them more than 39 Nobel laureates and more than 31 state presidents.

Stanford University the most selective

Stanford University, is the second most selective university and admits 7% of nominations, but has all the reasons to do so with students.

This private institution of higher education, has 22 Nobel prizes 5 pulitzer and 20 winners of the U.S. national media of science, in addition to the hands of their students have sprung up more than 2900 companies some of them so well known. It has a roster of teachers that is spectacular because of its cloister more than 84 Nobel laureates and more than 8 of which are currently active,

more than 50 winners of the national medal of science of the usa and more than 27 winners national medal of technology and innovation in the usa, in addition to education and research, of higher level from the institution try to promote the development of extra-academic activities of the students and are one of the few universities of this quality, which does not follow any economic criteria, to select their students.


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